Off the floor garage cabinets

If you’re trying to keep your garage space more organized, or simply looking to free up some room on the floor for a larger vehicle, off the floor garage cabinets are a great way to maximize on storage space. But are off the floor garage cabinets right for you? While off the floor storage can help you get more out of your garage space, they’re not as sturdy or safe as traditional cabinets, and might require a professional installation.

In this blog, we’re going to go over some of the major benefits of off the floor garage cabinets, and give you some guidance on tips on how to choose, install, and use them safely. Let’s take a look.


What are off the floor garage cabinets?

An off the floor garage cabinet (often referred to as a floating cabinet) is a type of cabinet that is attached to your walls and doesn’t take up any floor space. As its name implies, the cabinet essentially “floats” against the garage wall, allowing you to store your items as usual while keeping as much floor space free as possible. 


How are off the floor cabinets installed?

While installation methods will definitely vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, off the floor cabinets are typically installed either by attaching the cabinet to your wall and foundation, or by attaching a ready-assembled cabinet to the wall itself.

Do note that we'd always recommend enlisting the help of a professional installation expert if you're going to opt for off-the-wall cabinets; a poor installation could lead to the cabinets becoming loose, which could pose a falling hazard. To avoid injury, and to prevent any damage to vehicles or any other valuable belongings, always invest in professional installation for off the wall cabinets.


What are the benefits of off-the-floor garage cabinets?

Gain space

The most obvious - and arguably biggest - benefit of off the floor garage cabinets is that you're able to maximize on storage space without having to take up any more floor area. By placing your items above the ground, you can use the extra free space to park a larger vehicle, install a workbench, or even turn your garage into a one-stop-shop for all things DIY.


Easy access

With your cabinets at eye-level, you'll likely find it much easier to access the items you need, when you need them - this is especially helpful if you work with expensive tools and intricate items, like screws, nuts, and bolts. 


Added security

Since off-the-floor garage cabinets are usually installed and situated higher up on the garage wall, they can even provide extra protection from theft; with padlocks and a height difficulty, you make it significantly more difficult for potential burglars to access your belongings. 

That said, do note that most garage cabinets - whether off the floor or traditional models - are incredibly safe, you simply need to invest in a reliable manufacturer. For example, models from the NewAge Garage Cabinets collection are made with highly resistant gauge steel, making them pretty much impenetrable when it comes to theft.


Improved organization

By using your wall space for storage, you'll find it much easier to keep things organized in your garage. From tools to pet food, having an easily accessible place to store the items makes your garage tidier – and tidiness leads to efficiency.


What are the downsides to off the wall cabinets?


Falling hazard

If improperly installed, off the wall cabinets can end up becoming detached and falling, causing serious injury to those in your household, as well as serious damage to your belongings. Always read the manufacturer's instructions carefully, and hire a professional installation expert to set them up.


Lighter weight capacity

One major downside of floating garage cabinets is that you won't be able to overcharge them with too much weight; excess weight could lead them to become unstable and fall away from the wall, potentially causing injury or damage to expensive belongings. As we already mentioned above, always opt for professional installation to avoid this happening, and never go over the maximum weight limit for your chosen cabinets.

In fact, we'd recommend only using your floating cabinets for lighter items, and keeping all heavy duty tools and belongings stored safely in a floor cabinet.



Off the floor cabinets are usually a more steep investment than traditional models; this is due to the added expenses that you'll need to take into consideration when it comes to hiring a professional installation expert. However, if you opt for Ulti-MATE Garage Cabinets, you'll maybe be able to recoup these costs; as Ulti-MATE cabinets are all shipped flat packed, you won't face sky-high freight delivery costs.