Best Price Guarantee

We will always offer the best prices in the market on all our products.

To enable this, we only sell online to avoid costs such as store rents and staff sales commissions and all orders ship directly from our suppliers to our customers' homes or businesses to remove warehousing and inventory costs. All of this reduces our costs so we can pass those savings on to you our customer. So if you ever come across a product on our site that is being sold by a competitor at a lower price, we guarantee to match it. We may even beat it (just to prove a point!).

All you need to do is send us a link to the product in question on the competitor's website and we will handle the rest.


Our Price Promise comes with some conditions:

- The product being compared to must be identical in every way to the product sold by Garage Giant (brand, model, dimensions, color etc).

- Any competitors' products under promotion are not eligible (i.e buy one get one free)

- The item must be in stock with the retailer you send us a link to

- Applies only to online only competitor retailers

- The product cannot be from an auction website or discounter store (, etc.)

- The retailer must be an authorized dealer for that product

- The item price, taxes, and shipping charges are taken into account

- The competitor price must adhere to the manufacturer/supplier MAP pricing structures

- Prices cannot be matched after a purchase has been made

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