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If you’re like most of us, your garage has become a ‘catch all’ for anything and everything that you don't have space for in your home. From the kids’ bikes to the holiday decorations, it seems like our garages are filled with items that we just don’t know what to do with!

The downside of using your garage as an extended storage cupboard is that it eventually becomes cluttered and disorganized, leaving you unable to truly take advantage of the extra space at your disposal.

So, how can you get things off the ground (literally!) and turn your garage into an organized space where you can relax, have fun, or even welcome guests? In this blog, we're going to go over some of our top tips to help you maximize your garage storage space. Let's get started!


Use vertical space

If you have limited floor space, go up! Install shelves on the walls to store items such as tools, seasonal decorations and any other items that need organizing. Don’t forget to use hooks for hanging items such as bikes, rakes and brooms.


Install a pegboard

A pegboard is a great way to store tools and other small items in one place. It’s also an inexpensive solution for creating extra storage space, and helps keep everything within easy reach - perfect for DIY projects.


Get creative with storage solutions

You can never have too many bins or baskets! Utilize them to store small items like sports equipment, gardening tools and other miscellaneous items that need to be organized. Use clear or coloured see-through containers so you know what's in each one.


Make use of the ceiling and overhead space

Hang items like bikes, garden tools and other large items from your garage ceiling using hooks or hangers; this will free up floor space and give you more room to move around and access the items you need when you need them - just make sure to do so safely to avoid any items falling! The brand Saferacks offers a wide range of efficient and high-quality overhead storage, so take a look at their collection if you’re considering making use of overhead space. 


Install professional garage cabinets

Garage cabinets are an easy way to maximize your storage space; by providing lots of extra space while also saving on floor room, you can store your belongings and tools safely while also still keeping everything easily accessible. Ulti-mate cabinets have been specifically designed and manufactured with space-maximizing in mind; these cabinets offer top of the range options when it comes to storing everything from gardening tools to car cleaning supplies. 


Declutter regularly

The key to maximizing your garage storage space is to declutter. As you take steps to declutter your garage, set aside a day or a weekend to sort through all stored items - with the help of members of your household, you'll be able to then decide which items you need and which ones can be discarded or donated to a local charity shop.

You'll also want to declutter your home regularly; this will prevent you from being overwhelmed with clutter and mess and deciding to move it "temporarily" into the garage. We all know that "temporarily" means at least 6 months, so decluttering is definitely the way to go!


Keep things off the floor

Using your garage floor to create more storage space is a bad habit - not only does having limited floor space make it difficult for you to move around with ease, but it's a slippery slope: it's a bit like leaving clothes on the floor; once you start, it's hard to stop! Instead, use shelves or cabinets to store items off the floor. Garage cabinets are also a great way to achieve this; New Age cabinets can hold up 1,000lbs in weight, while the Pro range also comes with a range of tool drawers and dividers for easy storage and access.


Kick bad habits

Most people do use their garage space for extra storage, so you shouldn't feel guilty about doing so. However, kicking bad habits to the curb - such as placing boxes, unwanted items and clutter in your garage as a placeholder - is essential in order to maximize your garage storage space. 

This is especially true if you're considering making an investment and converting your garage into a "man cave" or home office - you want to be able to enjoy the space without tripping over a box of last year's Holiday decorations. Plus, using your garage space optimally will also free up more space in your home, so you can enjoy a clutter-free house without having to feng shui your home from top to bottom.


Keep it clean

Finally, while it might not seem as important as storage solutions, regularly cleaning and maintaining your garage is an absolute must if you want to maximize your garage space. Make sure to regularly sweep the floor, wipe down shelves and cabinets, and organize items that have been moved around. You should also aim to label all boxes and storage gadgets efficiently, to keep things from becoming disorganized or being stored in the wrong place. All of this will help keep your garage clean and give you more space to work with.

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