Well-Organized Garage


If you’re thinking about turning your garage into a functional storage space, or even thinking about turning it into an extra room in your house, it’s important to know how to optimize the available space efficiently. This is especially true if your garage is on the small side - you’ll want to find the perfect balance between storage space and functionality, and garage cabinets can be a great way to achieve this. 

In this guide, we’re going to go over 5 important factors to consider when buying garage cabinets for a small space, from optimizing space with wall storage to choosing the right material for your cabinets. Let’s take a look.



We’re not talking flexibility in the bendy sense - instead, the flexibility to arrange your garage cabinets in a way that works best for your space. Buying a bulky, immoveable cabinet isn’t the best option if you’re working with a small garage - for small spaces, it’s much better to opt for modular cabinets that can be adjusted, separated and installed according to your own needs. For example, our Newage cabinets are all fully modular, which means that you don’t need to stick to the recommended assembly instructions. Instead, you can move each piece around as you wish, allowing you to better optimize your space without limitations. 


Consider wall cabinets

If you want to save floor space, think about installing wall cabinets in your garage (also known as floating cabinets.) Floating wall cabinets offer the same vast storage potential as regular cabinets, while also allowing you to save room on your garage floor for your vehicle or other items. While this might seem like extra installation work, Newage’s wall cabinets are incredibly simple to mount, and can be easily fixed to the wall or slatwall - even if you aren’t an expert in DIY installation. 

Newage also offers a range of floating cabinets in different styles, so you can easily find something that works for your needs. For example, their Pro 3.0 Series 2-Piece 72" Wall Rack comes with easily accessible open shelves, making it the perfect option if you’re looking for somewhere to store working tools or other items you need on-hand. And if you’re simply looking for cabinets for storage purposes, their Pro 3.0 Series 8-Piece Wall Storage System offers a storage capacity of 14.4 cu. ft., as well as powder-coated doors to keep your belongings safe. 


Material matters

Cabinets for your garage are an investment, especially if you plan on using your garage as a work space or to store expensive items. While you can find cabinets made with everything from plastic to wood, metal cabinets are a great idea if you’re looking for something that’ll stand the test of time - especially when you consider that your garage may be home to any number of heavy tools. 

If you’re looking for something sturdy, all New Age garage cabinets are made with either 18 or 24 gauge steel, making them incredibly durable and long-lasting, and rugged enough to withstand both the temperatures and busy environment of your typical American garage. Impact resistant and aesthetically pleasing to boot, cabinets in both the Pro and Bold series by Newage are perfect for protecting your belongings, while also helping you reduce clutter and mess in your home.


Leave room for use

When taking measurements for your garage cabinets, don’t forget to leave room for functionality - especially when you’re working with a small space. You’ll want to take down measurements of the cabinet doors or drawers (if they have any) and ensure that once installed, you’ll have no problem opening and closing the cabinet with ease. You’ll also want to measure your vehicle if you have one, and ensure that you’ll still be left with adequate moving room once your cabinets are installed. 

While you may be tempted to opt for a larger cabinet to increase storage space in your garage, there’s no use in paying for something that you won’t be able to use fully - if the doors or drawers of your cabinet struggle to open, you won’t even be able to make full use of their storage capacity. Instead, optimize the space you have, either with wall cabinets, or by opting for a smaller model where needed. 


Integrate your workspace and cabinets

If you’re working with a small garage, it’s great to be able to save space by combining both storage and functionality within the same item. This can be achieved by opting for garage cabinets that come with an inbuilt worktop, such as Newage’s Pro 3.0 Series 7-Piece Garage Cabinet Set. With an in-built bamboo worktop, you can easily turn your garage into your own work-from-home office, or work station for DIY and handiwork - without having to find the space for both a desk and storage cabinets. You could even install a small television on the worktop if you’d like to turn your garage into a rec room or your own personal man cave, although in this case you’d need to make sure that the television’s dimensions fit the allotted worktop space. 

The bottom line

Having a small garage doesn’t mean you need to skimp when it comes to its design or storage capacity - you just need to find cabinets that can combine both storage capacity and functionality. We highly recommend Newage garage cabinets for those looking to optimize a smaller space, as even their smallest models can help you decrease clutter and free up plenty of garage floor space. Plus, all Newage cabinets are delivered ready-assembled, making it the perfect option for someone with limited DIY knowledge.