Hollon Floor Safe With Dial Lock

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You’ll need a jackhammer to pry these loose. Floor Safes offer the added advantage of concealment. Once a floor safe is installed in concrete and covered with a rug or carpet they are near impossible to find. In fact, if the floor safe is found, it will literally take a jack hammer to wrest it out of the foundation. Also, the door of the safe consists of drill-resistant hard plate made of hardened steel. You can’t buy a drill or drill bit at your local hardware store that will even scratch the surface. That’s why these bad boys are our favorite high-security safes for gold coins, jewelry, paperwork, and a variety of other valuables. B Rated and strong enough to use in a commercial environment but still affordable enough to install at home. Furthermore, we also install one of our UL Listed S&G Group II dials at no additional charge – to give you decades of problem-free usage. You won’t find a sturdier floor safe for the money. Please note: While floor safes offer security being easily hidden and surrounded by concrete, these same features can also make them very susceptible to moisture problems. Keeping papers and valuables inside zip lock bags and/or Tupperware help when experiencing a fire or flood or humidity. *Hollon Safe does not warranty electronic locks on any in ground floor safe.* ***WARNING*** These safes currently do not have hydraulic arms attached to door. Make sure to remove hands and fingers from safe opening when shutting the door. These doors are heavy and can cause serious injury.

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Giving you some of the best safes in the industry at the best pricing. It should be no surprise why it is have been one of the fastest-growing safe manufacturers in the nation.

You receive: 1x Floor Safe


1/2" thick solid steel door

5 chrome plated solid steel locking bolts

Air-spring bar enable the door can be opened easily

B rated Floor Safe for Foundations

Drill resistant hardplate to protect lock

Full length dead bar

Powder coated for more durable protection

Spring loaded relocking device

Hollon FREE Parcel or LTL Freight Lowest in market
Minimal 2 - 5 business days 1 Year Limited



SKU B1500 14 9/10" X 13 1/2" X 11 4/5" (79 lbs.) SKU B2500 14 9/10" X 13 1/2" X 17 1/2" (93 lbs.)
SKU B3500 17 1/2" X 13 1/2" X 24" (105 lbs.) SKU B6000 16.75" X 36" X 12.75" (135 lbs.)


Color Gray Material Steel
Available Lock Options Dial Lock Interior Adjustable Shelf No
Water Resistant N/A Battery Operation N/A
Fire Protection N/A 30 ft. Impact Rated N/A
Drill Resistant Hardplate Yes Spring loaded relocking device Yes
Warranty 1 Year Limited Country of Manufacture China


Ships Via FREE Parcel or LTL Freight Fulfilment Lead Time 2-5 business days



We make higher quality safes (they exceed industry standards for design, strength and durability) than others on the market yet our prices are 20% to 50% less than our competitors. Giving you some of the best safes in the industry at the best pricing. It should be no surprise, then, why we have been one of the fastest-growing safe manufacturers in the nation.


Never lift a safe by yourself or without proper training, heavy lifting gear or safe moving equipment. Always use a licensed, bonded and trained locksmith company or moving company to move and install your safe. Always bolt your safe to the floor.


Hollon Floor Safe With Dial Lock

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