NewAge Products are the most sought after brand of metal garage cabinets in the US today and it’s easy to see why. The thoughtful design, heavy-weight construction and great looks along with the fact that they arrive ready assembled makes for a winning combination. We constantly hear back from customers who purchased NewAge cabinets from us about how much they love them and many more come back to add yet more NewAge garage storage at a later date.

Whether you choose the Bold 3.0 Series or the more premium Pro 3.0 Series your garage will be clearer, easier to work in and a whole lot better looking than before. Additionally, receiving and setting up your cabinets will be made as easy as possible.

NewAge Products offer an extensive range of garage storage options, with thousands of possible combinations of storage systems, colors, workbench types and accessories. At Garage Giant we are proud to have one of the simplest, most intuitive websites for finding your perfect product without being overwhelmed by choice. Our filters allow you to view only the options you prefer.

As always, if you need any help at all with your choice just get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help you match a product to your needs.

NewAge Garage Cabinets

Bold and Pro Series: what’s the difference?

While both the Bold and Pro Series offer excellent storage features, great looks and durability, these two NewAge ranges have some significant differences. If you’re looking for a cabinet to store heavier items, the Pro 3.0 series can hold about 20% more weight than the Bold 3.0 (up to 1000 lbs) and also offers extended width, height and depth giving a lot more storage capacity. The Pro series also comes with certain feature upgrades, including double-walled doors, tool-drawer dividers, and integrated rails. When it comes to durability, you’re getting 18 gauge steel with the Pro series, and 24 gauge steel with the Bold range.

That being said, both ranges come with lockable magnetic door latches, a cable management system, and a lifetime NewAge-certified guarantee. For further details, take a look at our comprehensive comparison below: (image)

Bold Series Pro Series
24 gauge steel 18 gauge steel (twice thickness of 24 gauge)
Base and locker cabinets are 16" deep Base and locker cabinets are 24" deep
Up to 800lbs weight capacity Up to 1,000lbs weight capacity
Storage height up to 72″ Storage height up to 80″
Base cabinet width 24” Base cabinet width 28”
Fully Lockable Fully Lockable
Cable Management System Cable Management System
Adjustable Shelves and Closet Rod Option Adjustable Shelves and Closet Rod Option
Comes in: Red, Grey, Platinum, Black Comes in: Red, Grey, Platinum, Black
Extra wide 48" cabinet available Double walled doors for added security and rigidity
Cabinets arrive assembled. Minimal accessory assembly required. Cabinets arrive assembled. Minimal accessory assembly required.
Premium Soft-Close Hardware
Tool drawer liners & dividers included

Benefits Of Newage Garage Cabinets

  • - If you’re looking for metal garage cabinets that will stand the test of time then look no further than NewAge. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the US, their rugged build quality (18/24 Gauge steel for Pro/Bold Series) is capable of withstanding the kind of treatment typical of a residential garage environment. Read more…
  • Cabinets Arrive Ready Assembled - NewAge cabinets arrive almost completely finished. You only need to fix the feet or casters to the base of them (unless you opt for a floating installation) and arrange the shelves and worktops in place. Read more…
  • Free Shipping, Easy Delivery - Whichever of the 48 contiguous states you live in, most NewAge orders will ship to you free of charge. Given the size and weight of the cabinets most orders ship via Free LTL Freight delivery. These are straightforward and we guide you through the process to help you understand when you can expect your cabinets and what you can do to prepare for their arrival. Read more…
  • Simple to install - Completing your installation is simply a matter of fixing the cabinets in the set to each other (to keep the set stable) if you opt not to fix the cabinets to the wall behind. If you choose a floating installation where the cabinets have no feet and are fixed to the studs in the wall behind or are fixed to your slatwall, there are more steps to follow but they are uncomplicated. Read more…
  • Generous Lifetime Warranty - Always a mark of a manufacturer’s confidence in their products, NewAge provides a limited lifetime warranty on all products.
  • Choice of 4 colors - NewAge garage cabinets are offered in four premium colors: Grey, White, Platinum and Black. Read more…
  • Large Storage Capacity A set of cabinets from NewAge provides so much storage space that you will be able to drastically declutter your home and garage. This newly recovered space will allow you to enjoy your garage more than ever before, whether for garden storage, household projects or leisure time.
  • Fully Modular All NewAge garage cabinet sets can be located where you like; either all together as a set or placed in separate locations from each other.

Most Popular NewAge Garage Cabinets


Newage Products Bold 3.0 Series 7-Piece Garage Cabinet Set


  • 24-Gauge Steel
  • 3,000 lb storage weight capacity
  • Mobile tool cabinet
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Choice of 4 colors

From $1,699.99


Newage Products Bold 3.0 Series 14-Piece Garage Cabinet Set With 4X Multi-Use Lockers


  • 24-Gauge Steel
  • 6,000 lb storage weight capacity
  • 2x mobile tool cabinets
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Choice of 4 colors

From $3,159.99


Newage Products Pro 3.0 Series 14-Piece Garage Cabinet Set


  • 226 cu. ft. storage capacity
  • 18-Gauge Steel
  • Soft-closing drawers
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Choice of 4 colors

From $5,639.99

Robust Steel of Newage Garage Cabinets

Robust Steel Construction

Pro 3.0 Series cabinets are made of 18-Gauge steel which is approximately 1/20th of an inch thick. That makes for a heavy-duty cabinet that easily withstands tough treatment and feels solid to the touch. The Bold 3.0 Series cabinets are 24-Gauge steel which, at 1/40th of an inch, is half the thickness of the Bold series cabinets. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking of them as flimsy as they are anything but. We sell hundreds of Bold series sets each year and our customers find them to be adequately robust for their needs. There is of course a difference in the feel of the Bold vs Pro cabinets due to the lower gauge steel thickness of the Bold cabinets but they are still seriously hardy products that will stand the test of time.

Large Storage Capacity

The main reason most people buy garage cabinets is to declutter their home and garage and reclaim much-needed space. Therefore storage capacity matters. NewAge understands this and maximizes the available storage space of their sets as well as providing a range of different cabinet styles to suit the various garage storage needs of a typical household.

In the Bold Series, each 30” wide multi-use locker offers 20.7 cu. ft. of storage space as well as a removable closet rod if you opt to store clothing in it. With the addition of wall cabinets and base cabinets that also have generous storage capacity even the smallest bold 3.0 Series sets offer enough storage space to clear up a significant amount of space in your home to put to good use.
The much larger storage capacity of the Pro Series is one of the main reasons our customers prefer it. For example, the Pro Series Multi-Use Lockers offer a capacity of 32.3 cu. ft. which is greater than the Bold Series Multi-Use Locker by a full 56%. You can see how significant a step up in capacity the Pro Series is and why the extra price is justified.

Empty shelves in Newage garage cabinet
Worker delivering already assembled NewAge garage cabinets

Cabinets Arrive Ready Assembled

One of the main benefits of NewAge garage cabinets is that they arrive at your property already assembled. They ship cleverly packed into a surprisingly small number of boxes, with the smaller cabinets sitting inside the lockers. We are often contacted by customers worrying they have not received their full order only to realize they are packed inside each other.

Receiving cabinets like this will save you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend putting them together. All you need to do is fix the feet or casters to the base of the cabinets (unless you are using a floating installation method) and put the shelves in place. Then you need to fix each cabinet to the ones adjacent to it to fix the set firmly together. Should you choose to fix them to the wall behind, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions provided.

Free Shipping, Easy Delivery

We offer free shipping for all NewAge products across the 48 contiguous states, and depending on your location, aim to deliver your order within 5 days to 2 weeks. Always check each product page for the latest estimated arrival times. Some smaller orders for individual cabinets have a $75 charge added to cover warehouse processing but check each product page for details to see if that applies to your chosen products.

We offer curbside delivery, which means we’ll leave your items at ground level at the edge of your property, where you’ll be able to wheel them into your garage easily using your own dolly or other wheeled device.

Free Shipping
Men installing NewAge cabinet

Simple to install

The great thing about NewAge cabinets is that you don’t need to spend hours assembling them yourself at home. Welded during manufacturing to guarantee their structural integrity, these cabinets arrive pre-assembled, so all you need to do is install them once they arrive. And don’t worry about excessive shipping costs - all NewAge items are packaged and shipped in the most compact way possible: smaller items are tucked inside lockers and larger cabinets, ensuring the lowest possible freight costs.

Choice of 4 colors

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to garage design, and that’s why NewAge offer their garage cabinets in a range of four different colors: choose between Red, Grey, Black and Platinum, each of which are offered for products in both the Pro and Bold series. Whether you’re looking to create a lively recreation room or simply create a discreet, elegant storage space, NewAge offers design options for every need. Plus, no matter which color you opt for, your cabinet will still be protected with its highly resistant sandtex powder coating.

Hardware pack included with all Ulti-MATE garage cabinet orders

Frequently Asked Questions

While both the Bold and Pro range offer excellent storage capacity and weight capacity, the Pro series offers upgraded storage space, and can hold up to 1000 lbs in weight (in comparison to the Bold’s 800lbs.)

Yes. All NewAge sets are fully modular, so you’re not limited when it comes to organizing your cabinets in the way you best see fit.

Yes, NewAge offers affordable extra locker shelves, you can take a look at them here.

Absolutely! NewAge cabinets are designed to offer the maximum storage capacity possible, making them the perfect option if you’re working with a small garage space. For small spaces, the Bold series might be the best option.

Locker shelves in the Bold series are adjustable up to 8 inch increments, while the base shelves are adjustable up to 6 inches. In the Pro series, the base cabinets are non-adjustable, while the lockers and wall cabinets are adjustable up to 1 inch increments.

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