Ulti-MATE Garage Cabinets

They’re premium garage cabinets without the premium.

Based in southern California, Ulti-MATE Garage was founded by a passionate team with the belief that outstanding design shouldn’t break the bank.

When you buy one of their garage storage systems you will not only get some of the bestlooking, most robust garage cabinets on the market, but you typically pay hundreds of dollars less than comparable products from other premium brands.

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Most Popular Ulti-Mate Garage Storage Systems

For maximum decluttering

Ulti-MATE Garage 2.0 Series Garage Lockers 4-Piece (Free Led Lights)


  • Up to 48% discount as sets vs individuals
  • 30 cu ft of storage per locker
  • Free LED Lights (Garage Giant exclusive)
  • Free Shipping
  • Most ship in 1-5 Business Days
  • Available in 5 metallic colors


Combines storage and utility

Ulti-Mate Garage 11-PC Garage Storage System


  • Ample worktop space for garage jobs
  • 30 cu ft of storage per locker
  • Free LED Lights (Garage Giant exclusive)
  • Free Shipping
  • Most ship in 1-5 Business Days
  • Available in 5 metallic colors


Perfect for smaller garages

Ulti-Mate Garage 5-PC Garage Storage System


  • Worktop space for garage jobs
  • 30 cu ft of storage per locker
  • Free LED Lights (Garage Giant exclusive)
  • Free Shipping
  • Most ship in 1-5 Business Days
  • Available in 5 metallic colors


9 Reasons To Choose Ulti-Mate Garage Benefits

  • Save hundreds on freight costs - By shipping flat-packed, Ulti-MATE Garage cabinets take up much less freight space than assembled cabinets, saving you hundreds of dollars on a typical set. Covid-19 has skyrocketed freight costs so you’re making even greater savings today than before. Read more…
  • Huge discounts on garage locker sets - Buying multiple garage lockers in sets can save you up to 48% of the cost of buying them individually. No other brand offers this sensational value Read more…
  • Choice of 5 stunning metallic paint finishes - The car-like metallic finish of these cabinets is unique in the industry and will impress anyone who sees them in your garage Read more…
  • Most orders ship from CA in 1-5 days - 95% of orders are on the road to you from CA in days Read more…
  • Hassle-free delivery - LTL Freight delivery is free, simple and conveniently places your order at the edge of your property. In garage delivery is usually possible on request for a fee. Read more…
  • Easy DIY Installation - Ulti-MATE garage cabinets are designed to be assembled by anyone with basic DIY skills. All the instructions and hardware required are included. You just need a Phillips screw driver, a flat screw driver and a rubber mallet. Read more…
  • Fully modular sets Each set can be split into its individual cabinets so you can place them wherever you like, separately or together. Read more…
  • Generous 10-Year Limited parts warranty We see this lengthy warranty as a huge sign of confidence from the manufacturer in the quality and durability of their products. Read more…
  • Free LED Lights (Garage Giant exclusive) Each order placed with us that contains over $1,000 worth of UltiMATE Garage cabinets will receive a free touch-controlled LED light. Purchase multiple products priced over that amount and you’ll receive multiple lights. Read more…

Ulti-MATE Garage Reviews

Here are more reviews from customers who bought Ulti-MATE garage cabinets from us:

  • “Shipping was super fast. I think it arrived within a week from ordering. The cabinet materials seem high quality and sturdy (no issues so far from a month of usage). Assembly was pretty straight forward and simple. Could not be happier with the appearance and quality of these cabinets.” - Nairie K, CA.
  • “These units have turned the garage into another viable room in the house. We now store anything in the garage that we would store inside the house. Well done!” Lennart L, FL.
  • “This was the best experience I've had erecting cabinets the directions were easy to follow the accessories came in the best container I have ever seen. Every thing fit great and the finish product looks GREAT I will be ordering upper cabinets to go with the lower units. The quality of the units was exactly what was advertised”. Mike H, FL.
Truck lifting Freight containers at busy port

Save Hundreds On Freight Costs

The huge majority of garage cabinets sold in the US are manufactured abroad and shipped to US warehouses, ready to be sent to your home when you order them. Then in 2020 the Coronavirus pandemic caused global freight prices to skyrocket from around $4,000 per container to as high as $25,000. Many brands have raised their prices by over 40% as a result! But Ulti-MATE Garage cabinets ship flat-packed, to be easily assembled by you at home, so each cabinet requires far less space in a container. Their exposure to these freight cost rises is therefore much lower compared to manufacturers who ship ready-assembled cabinets that take up much more space in a container. Choosing Ulti-MATE can save you many hundreds of dollars in overall cost, making them the smartest choice you can make.

“But isn’t shipping free anyway?” we hear you ask. While customers want to see free shipping on almost everything they buy online, the reality is customers are still paying for the shipping. It’s just factored into the retail price already. It’s just that those prices would be 20% to 25% higher for Ulti-MATE cabinets if they didn’t ship flat-packed.

Huge Discounts On Garage Lockers

Our customers love Ulti-MATE Garage lockers, both as part of garage storage systems and as standalone locker sets. With each locker providing 30 cu ft of storage space, lining up a few of them in your garage frees up a huge amount of cluttered space in your home or garage. But just as importantly our customers love the huge discounts to be had when buying them in multi-locker sets. The more Ulti-MATE lockers you purchase, the deeper the discount you get compared to buying each unit separately. For the 10-piece locker set you are getting 300 cu ft of storage space for 48% less than you would if you bought each locker separately. That’s a saving of $4,220 on that product alone! So choose Ulti-MATE to get the best bang for your buck.

Discounts shown for 3 UltiMATE garage cabinets
Ulti-MATE Garage grey metallic paint finish

Stunning Metallic Paint Finishes

When we ask our customers what they love most about their Ulti-MATE garage cabinets the most common reply we get is “They look fantastic!”.

While their glossy, bold colors look impressive from a distance, you have to see them close up to really appreciate what makes them unique.

The doors have a lacquer finish that will remind you of the metallic paint found on premium cars. On close inspection you can see thousands of tiny metallic flakes that sparkle as they catch the light at different angles. It gives the cabinets a lively sheen with a depth of character you won’t find on other garage cabinets brand on the market.

Choose from Graphite Grey, Starfire White, Stardust Silver, Ruby Red and Midnight Black.

Most Orders Ship in 1-5 Days

95% of our Ulti-MATE orders ship within 1-5 business days from a California warehouse so you can be sure that no other retailers can get them to you faster. However shipping delays are possible from time to time so please check the estimated arrival dates below the add to cart button on each product page for the latest information on each product.

Worker preparing an order at Ulti-MATE garage warehouse in California
Semi freight truck

Hassle-Free Delivery

Most Ulti-MATE orders ship via LTL Freight truck from a warehouse in California. Not all customers have experienced an LTL Freight delivery before so we go out of our way to make it a smooth and easy process for you.

When your order ships we will send you an email containing the shipping carrier’s name and the tracking code with which you can follow its progress (most but not all carriers provide a live tracking facility online).

Depending on how far you are from the CA warehouse the LTL Freight delivery can take between 1 day and 2 weeks (the majority arrive within one week).

Once your order arrives at your local freight terminal we advise you to contact the carrier to schedule a day for the final delivery. Many freight companies will call you automatically but since the pandemic some have struggled to keep this up, so we recommend you take the initiative and call them yourself.

The carrier will arrive at your property at the agreed time and place your order at the curbside on the edge of your property. If you prefer to have the goods delivered inside your garage it is sometimes possible to arrange that with the carrier for an added fee: just contact us as soon as you place your order so we can get you a quote.

We recommend having two adults present and a dolly or other wheeled platform to move the boxes into your garage.

See our shipping policy for more details.

Easy DIY Installation

Regarding ease of installation, our customer Richard A from Florida said “I've never seen better detailed instructions or parts organization in anything I ever put together before. This is not a run of the mill hardware store cabinet. These are legit. I love them!”

Ulti-MATE Garage cabinets arrive at your property flat-packed, requiring only basic DIY skills to assemble. You will be provided with a small pack containing all the hardware needed (see image). You will only need to provide a phillips head screwdriver, a flat head screwdriver and a rubber mallet. It is important to follow the instructions provided at all times.

You can install the cabinets with all four feet, with only the two front feet, or ‘floating’ off the ground with no feet at all. If using the two feet or floating installation you must use wall cleats to fix the cabinets to the wooden studs in the wall behind. These wall cleats are provided for base and wall cabinets but not garage lockers, for which they must be purchased separately here.

If using the two feet or floating installation it is recommended to have a local cabinet professional install the cabinets and to greatly reduce the weight of items being stored in each cabinet to ensure safety. Consult the provided documentation for specific weight capacities.

Hardware pack included with all Ulti-MATE garage cabinet orders
Ulti-MATE Garage cabinets set being split into individual cabinets

Fully Modular Sets

Each set of cabinets Ulti-MATE Garage produce is fully modular, meaning you can place the individual cabinets together as you see them in the product image, or you can position them in different places or even different rooms if you wish.

For example, some customers buying a garage storage system with multiple garage lockers like to have the lockers standing alone in a separate section of their garage away from the central workbench units. Others like to keep them together but arrange the cabinets in a different order from the one shown in the product image. Both options are fine. None of the cabinets in an Ulti-MATE Garage storage system connect to the cabinets adjacent to them, allowing you to place them in any arrangement you like.

Generous 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty

It’s always reassuring when a manufacturer has enough confidence in their products to back them with a solid warranty, and Ulti-MATE Garage do exactly that.

Their limited parts warranty lasts for a generous 10 years from the date of purchase, providing evidence is given of having been bought through an approved dealer (such as Garage Giant).

Further terms apply and can be read here.

Logo stating 10 Year warranty
LED Lights included with all Ulti-MATE purchases over $1,000 from Garage Giant

Free LED Lights (Garage Giant Exclusive)

For every Ulti-MATE Garage set over $1,000 you purchase from Garage Giant we will send you an LED light system completely free. This offer also applies if you purchase multiple Ulti-MATE Garage units priced under $1,000 but their total price in a single order exceeds $1,000.

The light system is perfect for placing underneath wall cabinets to illuminate your workspace while you work or placed inside lockers to help you see your stored items. It sits in its housing magnetically making it easy to remove and reattach it after use. The angle of the light can be manually adjusted and the brightness and color temperature are touch controlled.

The lighting is powered by 42x energy-saving LEDs and the battery lasts up to 24 hours depending on the brightness setting used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. All Ulti-MATE’s garage storage systems and garage locker sets are modular. They don’t attach to the cabinets on either side. So you can place the cabinets wherever you like, whether that be beside each other as you see in the product image, or placed apart from each other.

Yes they are. In fact Florida is the second most common destination we ship Ulti-MATE Garage orders to. The cabinets have a lacquer finish on their front faces and are well sealed on their other surfaces to protect against the moisture in Florida’s humid climate, meaning they stand up to extremes of cold and hot weather for years of use, wherever you are in the US.

The only cabinets it is essential to fix to the wall are the wall cabinets. The garage base cabinets and garage lockers can be simply stood against the wall. However it is strongly recommended that you use the wall cleats provided to attach the base cabinets to the wall studs behind. This not only gives an added levels of stability for the cabinets but also enhances safety. Wall cleats can be bought separately for the lockers also. However, if you opt for a 2 feet per cabinet installation or a ‘floating’ installation with no feet at all you must not only fix all cabinets to the wall behind but you must also reduce the weight load in the cabinets for safety reasons.

Yes. In fact there are three ways to set them up as far as the feet are concerned: using all four feet (this gives maximum strength and levelling control) or using the front feet only or using a ‘floating’ installation with no feet. The floating installation looks great, with the cabinets suspended off the ground, but it must be borne in mind that the cabinets cannot bear the same maximum weights as they could with all four feet in place because you rely on the cabinets’ attachment to the wall studs behind for all their weight-bearing. The manufacturers recommend that, if you opt for a floating installation, you greatly limit the weight of items placed in each cabinet. Also, while wall cleats are supplied as standard for all wall and base cabinets, the garage lockers do not include them so you must purchase an additional pack of wall cleats for every garage locker you intend to install floating. They can be found here.

All Ulti-MATE Garage orders ship from a warehouse in California.

Shipping usually takes between 1 and 5 business days making them one of the fastest shipping garage cabinets brands. Occasionally there are some delays but they are rarely more than a couple of weeks. Always check the estimated arrival dates posted below the ‘Add To Cart’ button on each product page as these will show the latest estimate of when that particular product would be expected to arrive at your property

The core shells of the cabinets are made from premium grade Particle Board that has been approved by the CARB because of its reduced environmental impact. This provides the robust strength of the cabinets without adding unnecessary cost. The facings are made of a textured PVC Laminate with a gloss metallic finish that not only protects the cabinets from the elements and from damage but gives the unique ‘car-like’ finish Ulti-MATE Garage cabinets are best known for.

All Ulti-MATE Garage cabinets are designed to be installed by homeowners with only basic DIY skills. In our experience the vast majority of our customers install these units successfully themselves. All the necessary hardware is included with simple instructions. We recommend having two able adults present to help with lifting the completed lockers to a standing position. Should you feel that the assembly is too much for you or if you have chosen a ‘floating’ installation we recommend having a local cabinet professional install them.

Each garage locker has three 1 inch thick shelves. The middle one is fixed in place to provide structural integrity, while the other two can be moved up or down to suit the items you are storing. The wall cabinets and base cabinets each have a single movable shelf.

Yes, you can purchase extra 1” thick shelves for the garage lockers here.

Each set comes with standardised locks so a single key can lock or open all your cabinets.

Yes, the stainless steel feet can have their height easily adjusted by 2 inches. So if you need to move one to make a cabinet level, or you need to reduce the height to fit below a certain height you can do so quickly. Simply turn the cylinder of each foot left to decrease the height or right to increase it.

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